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Living Single Again

Living Single Again enables you to take healthy steps toward your future and future relationships. Because seventy-five percent of all single-again people will remarry and seventy-five percent of those marriages will end in divorce. The old way of doing relationships is just not working. Single-Again people need "Living Single Again."  

With Living Single Again, you will discover the glue that holds relationships together and learn how to cement a relationship for a life-time. You will also learn what causes relationships to come unglued so you can avoid past emotional pain in the future. 

Living Single Again was originally intended as a post Divorce (or post Grief Recovery) resource to enable single-again people to face the future with hope--but now it is regarded as a course for every single person to guide them through the maze of new relationships. 

Every "single-again" person, after divorce recovery, is faced with "getting on with life." Now there is sensible approach to do just that. If you have attended a divorce recovery group, why stop half-way, when you can finish the course with Living Single Again?