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What Others Say

Dr. Henderson,

Amazing! Great stuff! This is the best resource on relationships that I've found.  I would recommend this to anyone, whether previously married or not.  Call me and I'll share more (661-387-6327).  We have over 300 singles in our ministry and it was received very well by the singles who viewed it.

Robert Park
Minister of Singles
Valley Baptist Church
Bakersfield, CA 93308

The material in LSA is certainly something to get excited about, and we know it is going to revolutionize some dating relationships both current and future, so we want to thank you for obeying God and overcoming the obstacles of taking this program from conception to a finished product.

Margie and Steve Linner
Manheim, PA

The material in LSA has become a great resource/tool for us. We just completed our first class offering of this material.  We had 38 people signed up and had to close the class due to room space. We're offering it again. Would highly recommend this in addition to any material a church might be using for Divorce Recovery. One needs to deal with the divorce issues but then need to focus on LSA. Very pleased.

Esther Schaeffer 
Christian Fellowship Church 
Ashburn, Va.

We've had a great response from our group to Living Single Again.  Not only is it valuable for our Divorced single again people but it is good for widowed and never-married singles too.

Earl Fisher
Winchester, OH

Dr. Henderson, 

I wanted to share some thoughts from our group study. I really enjoyed "All" the sections. Each one had a impact both on me and the group. The questions after each video were excellent to further explore the lesson and stimulating great conversation. In discussing with everyone "what impacted you the most from the series" I received a variety and different answers from everyone. The videos really touched on sooo many aspects from past relationship to steps in building healthy relationship today! I would strongly recommend this series "Living Single Again" not only for those who been divorced but even to those who have been single for a long time and hope to be in a relationship. God bless you and your ministry. It really has touched the lives of those in our group!    

Michael Enlow
Community Christian Singles 
Owosso, MI

We offer Divorce Care each fall and the graduates are still healing from the aftermath of divorce and not quite ready to jump into a singles ministry. Living Single Again will prepare and enable them to take healthy steps towards future relationships. 

Lynne A. Beck
New Wilmington, PA

We ran the program in West Vancouver, and to our knowledge we are the only church in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver and area) offering the program. Thirteen participants completed and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  I also co-facilitate DivorceCare and have often been asked, "What's next when we are healed and ready to move on?" A program like this has been long overdue. Thank you Dr. Henderson for your vision and development of LSA! 

Mary Lou Willows
West Vancouver, BC, Canada