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About the Author

DennisThe author, Dennis Henderson, holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and  has been in pastoral ministry for over 16 years.  He has served as a single pastor, as a Christian Education pastor, and as a senior pastor.  He is the author of Living Single Again and founder ofSingle Initiative, LLC.  

He attended DivorceCare recovery at another church and, immediately after that, organized a group at his own church.  He has been facilitating recovery groups since that time.  In the fall of 1998 he met Dianne, through singles ministry, and they were wed in the late summer of 1999.  Together they have six children--all adults.  

About Living Single Again

Living Single Againgrew out of need.  Dr. Dennis Henderson was leading a DivorceCare ministry in a local church and found people repeating the same programs two, three, some even more times. They needed the next step.  At that point, he added two additional programs to the DivorceCare program:  Divorce Recovery and Fresh Start.  Both needed a workbook for participants to follow along so he developed workbooks for both. 

The participants benefited from them immensely but kept asking, "Isn't there something beyond recovery that we could do? We need help living single again!"

Out of that need Dennis developed the a version of Living Single Again in 1998, debuting the program in the Spring of 1999.  

It was not long until participants were praising this new "beyond recovery" series.  They insisted that it be videotaped so others who could not attend the workshops would be able to view it.

Finally, the video production was undertaken in the Single Initiative's video studio.   Some of the people in the videos are from Dennis' Living Single Again groups.